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Fractal Baby Records

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Fractal Baby was forged between a few heavily intoxicated minds in a grey but very colourful basement in east of Berlin 2019. After some releases they connected with more like-minded people in Europe and a psychedelic collective started to emerge. With this connection and equal passion for the psychedelic music scene they knew directly that this was only the beginning of something beautiful and unique.

Their first events were held on a mountain outside of Barcelona Spain in 2021, where high quality music, unity and respect were in the atmosphere. By the end of 2021 Fractal Baby continued to expand their collectivity by going to Latin America, starting in Mexico travelling around to present their music.
During this time they managed to tie in new connections and in December 2022, they started organizing psychedelic gatherings around in Mexico.

Throughout 2023, Fractal Baby marked milestones with successful events in both Sweden and Spain, as well as numerous gigs for the label's artists, deepening their roots in the global psychedelic music community. The collective's dedication resonates well with people around the world, engaging in their music and events.

Fractal Baby is focused on high quality and authentic sounds without definitions of genre or style. The vision is to present and share their passion in one the most lovely forms of art there is - Music.

The minds behind the collective are Robin "Space Ape" Levin (SWE), Sebastian "Loocifer" Loo (SWE) and Luciano "Lučko" Ursache (ITA)

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