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Braincell ready for Lustiga Loftet Vol.2!

We are both proud and super excited to present to you our main-act for Lustiga Loftet Vol.2 which is none other than... BRAINCELL!! 🧡

This guy barely needs an introduction... A real legend in every aspect, with a profound career stretching over 30 years!

”Ralph started in 1994 with the project which quickly gained international success. Then, in 2005, he launched , a solo psytrance project that took the scene by storm with its unique, crisp sound and high energy. But Ralph didn’t stop there. He then also created for a more progressive vibe, and to explore the more ambient and chill sides of psychedelic music.

In 2018, Ralph joined the renowned @nano_records and released a double album named «Gaia», which topped the Psy-charts for 10 weeks! He has played on every major continent, from Brazil to India, Australia to the United States, bringing his energetic live shows and top-notch production skills to people all around the world! Ralph’s talent doesn’t just end on stage; he also runs @noizebusters.ralph , a company dedicated to sound design and music production of which he is a teacher.”

This is something you just can’t miss, even if you’re not a true fan of psytrance music. This experience is going to be really unique! 😄

So remember to grab that spot of yours since the access is limited👇:

Check out his website for all of his musical projects:

You can also find him on every major platform!

Get ready for an unforgettable time at the loft! 🤩🧡


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