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Thank you all for Lustiga Loftet Vol.2!

We are beyond grateful to everyone who made LUSTIGA LOFTET Vol.2 an unforgettable event!🙏

A massive thank you to our incredible bar crew for keeping everyone refreshed, our talented decoration team U-Helica Project for transforming the loft into a visual wonderland, and our mapper/VJ Chaos Ex Machina for bringing the scenery to life with stunning visuals.🎭

A huge shoutout to all the amazing artists who filled the air with their incredible sounds, our dedicated vendors who showcased unique creations, and everyone working at the entry for welcoming our guests. Additionally, we appreciate every other soul who contributed to creating this magical gathering!🪄

A special thank you to Chris for renting out lights and his KV2 audio system to us. Very easy guy to work with and the sound quality was top-notch!🎶

Another one to our dear friends Lappenphoto and Riaz Artwork for capturing all the great photos and videos, which help us relive and share these moments with our community.📸🎥

And of course, a BIG thank you to all of you, our amazing audience, and everyone supporting our collective. Your energy and support fuel us and motivate us to continue doing this as best as we can!

Thank you all for this amazing experience, we had so much fun!

See you at the next one!🧡


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