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U-Helica Project at Lustiga Loftet Vol.2!

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary makeover as we introduce the team behind our upcoming decoration at the loft! These experts will help us create an unforgettable experience. Let’s give a big and warm welcome to... U-HELICA PROJECT! 🇩🇪

@u.helica_project_decoration , founded by Philipp Rehse and Jonas Rubbert in 2015, is dedicated to crafting immersive experiences through scenography. Over the years, they have elevated their craft, setting new standards in the art world. With more than 200 successful collaborations worldwide, including renowned festivals such as @voovfestival , Hai in den Mai, @fusion_festival_ , and international showcases like @antigravityaustralia , the @atmanfestival_official Teaser in Sri Lanka and @fractalfestival in Namibia, U-Helica has become synonymous with innovation and creativity in the psychedelic trance scene! 🎭

Despite their presence at large-scale events, their commitment to creating unforgettable moments remains solid, driven by a passion for celebrating life’s special moments and sharing them with others! ✨

Go and give them a follow! @u.helica_project_decoration

If you like what you see, make sure to get a spot in time! Link to the event here below👇:

See you all at the loft 15th of June! 🧡


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