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Origin: Mexico City, Mexico

Residing: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Profession: Circus, Fireshows, Visual Arts & Tailoring

Bio: My name is Diana Ortiz, a circus artist since 8 years. The element of fire has led me to explore different instruments such as: 

• Multi hulas
• Poi 
• Filipinos 
• Contact staff
• Fire fans 
• Dragon staff 
• Jump rope 

I am currently working with the performance of an individual act with multi hula-hoops.

"Never let the fire of your soul go out, but rather fan it" 

I made presentations at different Festivals in Mexico, Europe & South America. Circus Conventions and in Hotels in the Riviera Maya. 

• Ritual festival, Psycircus, Ometeotl, Keex festival, Kupuri festival 

• EJC European Juggling Convention, Word hoop day, Mexican Circus Convention 

• Mandala Fire, Grupo Caracol, Magic Fire, Rhythms Productions, Imagine Circus, Soul Elements Company

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